Borrowed Blue Crew 09.05.09

We had another appearance of the Borrowed Blue Crew at Corinne & Josh’s wedding!

Corinne & Josh married 09.05.09    and   Shannon & Michael married 06.23.07

We adore seeing our couples again.  We had so much fun at the wedding too! 🙂

Borrowed Blue Crew — 12.06.08

(left to right) John & Claire married 07.01.06 and Maryanne & Shane married 12.06.08. 

We absolutely love seeing our couples at weddings of their friends and family!! 

We recently saw John & Claire again at Maryanne & Shane’s 12.06.08 wedding at the Hilton Baltimore Hotel.  Look for more images from their wedding soon!

Borrowed Blue Crew — 08.30.08

Another sighting of the Borrowed Blue Crew last Saturday at Cynthia & Peter’s wedding.  We shot both of these couples’ weddings, and we adore seeing our past couples again!

(left and right)  Michelle & Scott married 05.14.05

(center) Cynthia (not pictured) & Peter married 08.30.08